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Code Without Fear. HTML for Visual Learners.


<TAG> is an unabashedly analogue card system crafted by a Canadian design educator and practitioner to help students and teachers tame the beast that is HTML. Bold icons, quiet humour, and an affable tone invite students to explore key concepts of ordering, nesting and pairing HTML tags without looking at any code. <TAG> sets students up for success by developing good programming habits and unshakeable understanding of key principles. The result? Less time spent troubleshooting and more time spent toward creative execution and refinement of deliverables.

TAG deck

TAG front


For two semesters running, the <TAG> card system has been prototyped live in competitive college-level Interaction Design courses where students were intimated by code or overwhelmed by the logic behind it.

Almost immediately, the results were thrilling. In their first few assignments, students demonstrated remarkably better code hygiene with noticeably fewer errors compared with past semesters where traditional instruction was employed.

TAG front detail
The bold icons and strategic colour coding on the front of the cards invite students to explore nesting, ordering and pairing without worrying about code.


Code doesn't have to be scary, much less limit students' futures as well-rounded designers. Code is a means not an end. Help combat this fear of code with your pledge. HTML can be tactile, interactive, and empowering. Help us, students, and educators around the world get there.

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TAG back detail
The back of the cards reveal the tag, a handy description and a guide for its pairing and placement.


You’re it. Start coding.